The Book of Mirrors

The book is grimoire, a thick leather tome that was psychically dictated to an insane wizard. Unbeknownst to its current owner, it was then bound in strips of his own flesh. Branded into the skin of the cover is a Hexagon Made from Hexagons.


The first step to invoking an elder god is to place a candle on a mirror. The number and shape of the mirrors, and the number, size, shape, and color of the candles required is determined by the elder god’s True Name.

Each elder god has a numerous number of names, but only one true name. This name corresponds to their sixth-dimensional coordinates, and can be revealed by obtaining Knowledge of:


1 self

2 duality

3 family

4 balance

5 war (sun ram)

6 peace

7 magic

8 infinity (moon spider)

9 power

0 community

Symbology of Numbers:

15 = Ф

13 = Д

11 = Б

0 = Н

Lunar Cycle​s​ (​Concave vs Convex​)


Solar Cycle​s​


The Power of Symbols

The Power of Blood

The Alignment of Colors

Cardinal Directions:

Air North

Earth South

Fire East

Water West

Stasis vs Change

The Four Kingdoms

The Five Houses