Flash Fiction

What Would Your Daddy Think If He Saw You Like This (2,700 Words, Crime Fiction)

MKLILITH Truth!! 🙂 (62 Words, In-Verse Fiction)

Reflection of Fire II (350 Words, Contemporary/Crime Fiction)

The Book of Mirrors (200 Words, In-verse Fiction)

Reflection of Fire (1,300 Words, Contemporary Fiction)

Reflection of Innocence (650 Words, Political Thriller/Spy Fiction)

The Doll’s Eyes (1,000 Words, YA Horror)

The Dog Days of Summer (350 Words, Upmarket/Literary Fiction)

Untitled (1,200 Words, YA Horror)

Sunshine (2,500 Words, Science Fiction)

A Dream of Death (1,000 Words, Gothic Horror/Queer Fiction) – Entered Into Rusty Quill’s 2022/2023 Short Story Competition

There’s Nothing Wrong With Me, Why Do You Ask? (1,500 Words, Creative Non-Fiction)

Passion & Fury (1,700 Words, Military Fiction/Political Thriller)

The Taste of Copper (1,000 Words, Horror/Military Fiction)